Real Estate Analysis

Western Builders is dedicated to providing our prospective clients with all of the information they need when considering the purchase of new real estate for their business or home. Whether it be commercial real estate analysis or residential real estate analysis services that are needed, we consider ourselves to be experts on the structural potential of any building, old or new.

Many of our clients ask us to work closely with their realtors in order to find a building that we, together, can use to draft a concept that is ideal for the specific needs of their home or business operations.

We are happy to help realtors and clients with building analysis services in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and the greater North Bay, in order to help them weigh out the long and short term costs and benefits of a potential investment.

Building analysis is just one of the many complimentary services that Western Builders offers our commercial construction or residential clients. If you plan on making a real estate investment in Sonoma County or its surrounding areas, do not hesitate to include us in your commercial or residential real estate analysis.

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