About Western Builders

About Western Builders The founding principles of Western Builders as we know it today, dates back to 1945, when Robert Cantu I of Santa Rosa, California founded Western Builders Empire Glass. Western Builders Empire Glass continued to serve Sonoma County and the Santa Rosa community until 1979. Robert Cantu was admired for his honesty and integrity within the construction industry, but more importantly, served as a role model for his grandson, Robert Cantu III, who would grow up to have the same passion for building, community partnership, and industry advocacy.

Decades later, the same core values that inspired the young Robert Cantu III, are evident in his construction business practices today. Working with local builders every spring and summer from the age of fourteen gave Robert a unique perspective about how the construction industry needed to evolve. Robert Cantu founded Western Builders in 2002, keeping in mind all that he had learned from his grandfather, and incorporating a fresh holistic approach for conceptual development to physical implementation.

After years of being industry leaders, Western Builders remains dedicated to community participation, and each individual partnership we create through our work. Every project, concept, and design is a piece of community history, which we are proud to contribute to. The art of our work is truly in the details. By listening carefully to our clients, we are able to conceptualize a design tailored to their needs. Our level of engagement is also unprecedented. We assist our customers through every step of construction and pre-construction services, including building analysis, concept development, and entitlement services. We’re there for our customers post-construction too. What our customers appreciate about us most is that we know how to give them the best value; through honest estimating and efficient scheduling. Each new meeting is treated as an opportunity to create a long lasting partnership. Yes - we are interested in your first project, but we really want your second project or referral. Western Builders is ready to prove to you, your family and friends, and the community why we are still the best choice for general contracting in Santa Rosa and the North Bay area.