Residential Construction

With every residential construction project, Western Builders guarantees the same quality and standard of professionalism expected in the commercial construction industry. Like commercial construction and tenant improvements, we take the time to understand how our residential construction clients utilize their home, and create our project delivery based on that understanding.

Western Builders believes in collaboration and establishing trust between contractor and client. Our priority is to become completely educated on our client’s needs for their residential construction project. While we welcome our clients to determine the level of involvement that makes them feel most comfortable, we take care of entitlement services and government interface to ease the stresses that often accompany residential construction projects.

Some of our clients require assistance determining their construction project goals, and we’re happy to make that initial investment and share our expertise. In addition to concept development, we offer building analysis services to prospective clients because the best way to get to know our future workspace is to be there when you purchase it.